Ashadee Shutdown After 5 Years

Dear Publishers & Advertisers,

After almost 5 years developing Ashadee (previously know as JomNiaga), we have come to realize that this business model will not give us the satisfaction or challenge that we initially thought it would. Also, we do not foresee Ashadee achieving the type of global growth that we would like.

It has been a great learning experience, and we take pride in the fact that we have developed a world-class affiliate marketing platform that is one of the best in the world.

Ashadee Shutdown After 5 Years

However, it's time to say goodbye and move on to other stuff.

We would like to inform you about the staggered shutdown of and all related services according to this schedule:

  • 28th December 2015 - We will stop accepting new user registration & new Advertiser submissions.
  • 15th January 2016 - All advertiser campaigns will be deactivated. We will stop accepting new orders through our order system.
  • 20th March 2016 - All user accounts will be deactivated. You will no longer be able to login to
Buyers are given sufficient notice to download invoices, access download links, request for refunds, and check purchases.

Publishers have ample time to complete receiving all pending commission payout from (according to our terms of service). Please ensure that you set your payout to the lowest possible.

Advertisers are advised to find alternative payment systems to ensure their online sales are not interrupted.

After 20th March 2016, we will no longer entertain any request for information from and we will cease to exist as a company.

We would like to wish everyone the best in 2016 and beyond!


Gobala Krishnan
CEO, Ashadee Technologies Sdn Bhd
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