Rebecca Saw Jadi Mangsa Ragut di Bukit Gasing

Rebecca Saw Jadi Mangsa Ragut di Bukit Gasing

Berita yang baru kami terima, tentang seorang rakan blogger menjadi mangsa ragut sewaktu berada di Bukit Gasing.

Menurut status yang dimuat naik di laman facebook +Rebecca Saw

Pada waktu kejadian beliau mendaki keseorangan kerana ketinggalan untuk menyertai kumpulan yang selalu mendaki di kawasan tersebut.

Beliau yang selalu mendaki di kawasan ini mendapati beliau tidak melalui laluan yang biasa beliau lalui.

Waktu itu beliau dihampiri oleh lelaki yang menaiki motorsikal dan cuba meragut iPhone milik beliau dan berlaku pergelutan sebelum beliau terjatuh dan menyebabkan beliau mengalami kecederaan ringan.

Beliau telah ditemui oleh sepasang suami isteri dan membawa beliau untuk membuat laporan polis. Menurut pihak polis, terdapat beberapa kes seperti ini berlaku dikawasan tersebut.

Beliau yang merupakan founder Rouge Communications telah memuat naik status dan gambar dengan niat untuk memberi peringatan kepada wanita telah mendapat hampir 6k perkongsian di laman facebook.

*** Status Rebecca Saw di laman Facebook ***

Finally awake after hours battling a fever & tryin to rest my painful body.

Every part hurts; hips, ribs, shoulders and especially my neck. This is in addition to a pounding headache the whole of yesterday and the start of a fever by afternoon.

Here's my story.

I was as usual "overly optimistic that the news we hear & see daily won't happen to ME".
The truth is, it can happen to ANYONE.

Bukit Gasing: The day I was attacked - 7th Jan 2016.

I usually hike with a group called RCBKS who hikes every Tues evenings, Thurs mornings & Sunday mornings. (Pls let me know if anyone wants to join us. PLEASE DO NOT HIKE ALONE or in 2, 3s - especially for females. Better if you're in a big group)

Yesterday I missed the group so I went into Bkt Gasing on my own. I've hiked a few times before & thought that I would be ok and able to find figure my way around.

I didn't know which trail I was on, and at one point, I found myself at the suspension bridge.
I'm not sure what this area is called.

This area has a tar road which leads to somewhere hence I was curious. I walked along the road and 5 mins later I heard a motorbike engine behind me.

Everything happened so fast after that. Before I could turn, the bike stopped behind me and I felt someone grabbing at my right hand which was holding on to my iPhone.

In shock I gripped my phone tighter and spun around. The assailant had dark complexion and appears to be Malay. I couldn't be sure.

Another guy was sitting on the bike, presumably ready to speed off once his friend snatches my phone from me.

A swift struggle ensued. I screamed out and he tugged at my hand (phone) and top more aggressively.

My top ripped, I stumbled backwards and rolled down the hill. Luckily it was a shallow slope, not quite a hill.

I hit my head, my neck got twisted along the way and my back was scratched. Fortunately, that was the extent of my injuries. It could have been worse.

As I scrambled to my feet in panic, the assailant fled and I quickly ran and looked for other hikers so that they can lead me out.

Met a couple (Mr & Mrs Lee) nearby and they lead me out of the trail.

Dr Yee, a member of our RCBKS kindly took me to a police station to make a report.

I was a victim of opportunistic crime; alone, no witness, snatch-and-run.

We hear so many of these cases of snatch theft and like many others, I've thought " it won't happened to me".

This has reminded me to never take safety for granted and I would like to spread the news so everyone could be more aware.

*Yes, I "should have " not struggled and let go of my iPhone. But at the point of incident, all rational thoughts disappeared.
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