OlaBola is Just One Fictional Film - Dhiya Aizat

OlaBola is Just One Fictional Film - Dhiya Aizat

OlaBola is just one fictional film. I repeat, FICTION.

Fiction doesn't require a masterpiece to solely copy the whole history. Fiction is an imaginary art, involving imaginary people and imaginary event. Thus, OlaBola was INSPIRED by the golden era of our football team in the 80s.

I don't understand where all this hatred is coming from, questioning the storyline that has been changed in the movie. To be clear, it's a fiction people. A fiction to inspire all Malaysian.

Thanks to OlaBola, we all now know the squad who once made Malaysia proud.

Now, to all the people out there who made a fuss about all this history thing, i suggest you to firstly understand what fiction is and start to think how we can improve our football performance instead of accusing and blaming other people.

You people seriously need to get a life. Don't play the racist card on OlaBola and be the 'cancer' who defeats the purpose of this beautiful movie.

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